Court Hire

Court Hire fees are as follows.

Day, non-members, per hour $10.00
Night, non-members, includes lights, per hour $15.00
Night, members, includes lights, per hour $5.00

All fees are inclusive of GST.

Court Availability

Courts are available except for the following times:

  1. Tuesday mornings due to mid-week ladies competition
  2. Wednesday and Thursday nights due to night competition
  3. Some Friday nights when junior teams have home matches
  4. Saturday mornings due to junior competition
  5. Saturday afternoons due to open competition

Notwithstanding the list above, courts are generally available during school holidays since some of the competitions take a break at those times.

Key Pickup and Return

To arrange key pickup and return, please contact the following members:

(a) For day hire, please call Kay Hudson.

(b) For night hire, please call Robert Bruce.

All phone numbers are listed on the contact page.

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